Fresh install all sites goto /var/www/html SUCCESS page (SOLVED)

Debian 11 with fresh Hestia install v1.6.5
apache yes --phpfpm yes --multiphp yes --vsftpd no --proftpd yes --named yes --mysql yes --postgresql no --exim yes --dovecot yes --sieve no --clamav yes --spamassassin yes --iptables yes --fail2ban yes --quota no --api yes --interactive yes --with-debs no --port ‘8083’ --hostname ‘’ --email ‘[email protected]’ --password ‘************’ --lang ‘en’

New internal setup to replace a fully working internal system (DELL R810 running proxmox) with pfsense nating local ip’s to external ip’s. All external ip’s added with corresponding nat’d ip’s
When I add a new site I can only get the SUCCESS page
I have added several other sites with the same result.

Just found out my block of IP’s, my supplier has swapped 6 of them out without notification for 6 closer to the rest of my IP range.
The issue appear to be resolved and all working as it should.

Delete index.html file in /public_html