Fresh installation of hestiacp version 1.4.3 clamav-daemon failing to run

Good day to all,
I am a week old on using hestiaCP migrating from 2 years of VestaCP and everything was running great. Yesterday, I decided to move to a new cloud server. I installed a fresh copy of hestiaCP on ubuntu 20.04. However, initial installation failed, I run installtion bash for a second time and installation was successful. However, when I go to server settings, clamav-daemon is not running. I have rebooted server several times, start/restart clamav-deamon but no success. Any ideas what I should to fix this will be highly appreciated.

How many memory do you have available on the server?

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@eris 16GB

I had the same problem. I fixed it by purging clamAV and reinstalling it:

sudo apt purge clamav clamav-daemon


sudo apt install clamav clamav-daemon

then it worked for me. I could stop and start it from the control panel.

hope it works for you.

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Hi, thank you for the feedback.

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