FTP Account Issues

Hello all.

We are testing HestiaCP in a lab and so far are quite impressed with the functionality. We’ve noticed a few things that we can’t figure out:

  1. We can create an Additional FTP account in a test user account - so this is GOOD,
  2. Cannot login to the site with FTP or SFTP. We get “authentication failed”. We know the account is correct and CAN login with admin. Admin can login with FTP and SFTP so we know that the FTP server is up,
  3. After a few bad login attempts using the test user account, we could not even login with admin until we restart the FTP service,
  4. There does not seem to be anyway to List or Edit an FTP account.

A few other minor things, at this point we are writing them off to newbie’s in training.

But the FTP issues are something we’d like to resolve.

We did check through the forum before posting and could find nothing relevant. If there is intel in here, we must not have found it so apologies if this post is a dupe.

I hope the good work keeps up…

Okay, sorry everyone figured out Items 1 - 3.

They are User Issues, one needs to click the GREEN SAVE button - duh.

However, we can’t find where to List / Edit FTP accounts. We can delete so that’s a plus.

Again, sorry for the “too soon” post.

SFTP accounts are the same as the user accounts

FTP accounts can be found under web domain…

I would advise you NOT to use FTP, if you care about security. SFTP is so much better, especially if you’re going to use keys for authentication instead of passwords.

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@Goomba - If you are referring to setting up SFTP for additional FTP account, I do not think it is possible at the moment (see Additional FTP Accounts - Allow SFTP Access).