Ftp accounts d'ont working

when i try add a new ftp user for example: “user1” to domain.site is added automatically

domain_domain_user1. This add double prefix and ftp accounts not working :frowning:


Try domain_user1

Its only demo_demo:x:1003:1003::

So it is an UI bug

https://github.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/pull/1411 for the fix

thank for answer my friend.

i try add “domain_user1” automatic generates “domain_domain_user1” and if i add “user1” too is adding domain_domain_user1.
But ftp accounts not working :thinking:

Create user1 It will generate domain_user1. Only due to a bug the webui makes it domain_domain_user1. Fix above will sort the issue.

To check to make sure run cat /etc/passwd as root to see the correct username and how it is saved.

Many thanks my friend

this works.

Thank you. I was facing the same problem here. It was driving me nuts.