Ftp and Putty access for Tech Support user

I have a website setup in one of my user accounts in HestiaCP. With that user i can login with Putty to use command line.
I have created an FTP user on the domain in this account which is handy to use with FileZilla.

Now i want to give a theme tech support person access to solve some issues. I added another FTP user for support, the can access with Filezilla. How can i give this same FTP user login access using Putty and have them locked out of everything except for the ftp account domain to which it is linked.
So have access to same folders as FileZilla except using Putty.

is there a slick way to do this, so that it is safe and secure set up?
PS. after support is done I will delete this FTP user

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Currently not, no. You would need to give him the user itself, additional ftp users are ftp only - we currently work to provide sftp for them aswell, but probaly never ssh access itself.

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ssh Access drop down has 5 options.
do any of them change where the SSH has access?
Right now i have it set to bash, and i see the user has full root access. anyway that this main user can be jailed in their own user folder?

No, currently we do not have jailed ssh. He also does not have “full root access”, he only sees the directories, right managenent is in place - he cant access system logs or other user files.

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