FTP/SFTP account to backup folder?


We’d like to have access to the backup folder so we can manually download backups, preferably via FTP or SFTP (read-only if possible).

I can’t find a way to create custom accounts pointing to specific system folders within Hestia’s UI. I suppose there’s a way to do it if we manually change configuration files somewhere (if there’s a place that is “safe” to do that).

I know there’s a way for Hestia to upload backup to other servers by itself, but we’d also like a way to take backups offline. Of course, we are open to opinions or other options to make this as secure as possible…


You can access the root/backup folder through SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) from other servers.

Also, you can check backup logs and fetch the latest backup filename from into and establish an SFTP or SCP connection to download it.

Or better yet, have a script on the server rsync to another machine, on daily schedule. If that approach sounds appealing, have a look here vesta-hestia-management/cm-server-mon.sh at master · ifaist0s/vesta-hestia-management · GitHub