FTP user based system

I have som issues when i upload to a site
it starts fine but after a while it disconnects
the server is on the local network

@crazytoo sorry but still the same: Please share your logs and describe your problem with more details - ftp has a session timer. Or do you speak about the session drops after you upload files?

We’re here to help, but please also help us with providing enough informations :slight_smile:.

As additional information: Due to security, I would anyway suggest to use sftp instead of ftp(s).

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it when i start uploading

after some time it drops the connection

As I wrote, it is impossible to help you without more informations. We can’t see your logs or do a analyze of your server from here. Please read again my post and consider to help us to help you :slight_smile:.

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What is the size of the file you are attempting to transfer?
Which FTP client are you using to upload the file to the server?

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As general note FTP should never be used today (this was true also more than a decade ago), clear-text auth and unencrypted file transfer are no joke.

So I also suggest to try switching to SFTP

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the usage of ftp is only on the local network

i think about 20mb for the max size

Winscp is also a SFTP client, so you only need to change the port from 21 to 22