Generate HestiaCP server template


I would like to generate a template of a hestiaCP server so as not to have to implement VPS servers for each client and save some time, but when I change the name and domain of the server and put the final data of the client, the load of the web administration of the HestiaCP server starts to take a long time to go from menu to menu and it’s already too long, on average 15 to 30 seconds or more.

Old Domain:

New Domain:

Old Server Name:

New server name:

I have tried several things but nothing improves this symptom:

Commands Examples:

Nothing beats the slowness of HestiaCP web administration


  1. Please consider supporting the project financaly if you are going to resell HestiaCP to other clients it will help us to support the software on a longer term.

v-update-sys-ip doesn’t accept any arguments so


is enough

Why is it so slow I think due the resolution of the namenservers in /etc/resolv.conf confirm with your provider that they haven’t changed…

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