Get Jitsi installed and working on Hestia

I am trying to get the Jitsi video conferencing app installed and working on Hestia. I went to the following page which has a Hestia template for Jitsi.

I followed the steps to download and install the Ningx version of the template. I then installed the keys and Jitsi with the terminal as instructed.

However, after installing Jitsi, when I went to the domain name, all that appeared was the Hestia index.html page (We’re working on it).

So I opened the User File Manager and saw that Jitsi was not installed in the public_html folder.

I am wondering if anyone here has successfully installed Jitsi on a Hestia VPS and can tell me what I did wrong.

Isn’t Jitsi supposed to be installed in the public-html folder?

Is there something wrong with the Jitsi template?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!