Get Jitsi installed and working on Hestia

I am trying to get the Jitsi video conferencing app installed and working on Hestia. I went to the following page which has a Hestia template for Jitsi.

I followed the steps to download and install the Ningx version of the template. I then installed the keys and Jitsi with the terminal as instructed.

However, after installing Jitsi, when I went to the domain name, all that appeared was the Hestia index.html page (We’re working on it).

So I opened the User File Manager and saw that Jitsi was not installed in the public_html folder.

I am wondering if anyone here has successfully installed Jitsi on a Hestia VPS and can tell me what I did wrong.

Isn’t Jitsi supposed to be installed in the public-html folder?

Is there something wrong with the Jitsi template?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

I have the same problem. Have you found the solution?

Hi @David-Spring

Did you select the nginx template for jitsi on the domain?
Because it looks like it is still using the default hestia nginx config file.

Jitsi is not installed in the public_html folder if I look at their nginx config which says:
root /srv/jitsi-meet;

I was not able to get Jitsi working with the Hestia template. I was eventually able to get Jitsi working by giving it the entire server. I wrote down the steps in the following article:

I have since deleted the server because I was just doing it to see if it was possible. It is possible. But Jitsi is a very complex program with a steep learning curve and uses a lot of resources. I found the Jitsi forum to be very helpful in solving some of the more difficult problems. Good luck with your project and I hope my tutorial helps.