Getting an error after splitting the database server with the webserver

A separate database server from the hestia server is installed.
Encountered an error when:

  • Open webmail
  • PHPMyadmin
  • Add database
  • Forgot 2fa token
  • others haven’t been found yet

Maybe this is because the configuration files from roundcube, phpmyadmin, etc. do not automatically change.

Welcome @wehaye

Please inform us about the steps you have done?

So far I can understand you installed a new server with Mysql?
After that did you execute any commands?

2FA token to login into the HestiaCP is stored user.conf so shouldn’t be affected.

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Step I did:

  1. Install hestia cp on one server
  2. Install mariaDb on one other server
  3. Change the file /usr/local/vesta/hestia/mysql.conf from localhost to the mariadDb ip server
  4. Turn off the mysql localhost service
  5. complete

For additional info:

  • I use debian 10
  • MariaDb version 10.3 with ubuntu 20 server

Hi @wehaye,
Please use v-add-database-host for remote database.

Have a nice day ahead!

I'm not a member of HestiaCP team and in no way associated with them ;)