Give user access only to File Manager app


One of my clients asked to have access to Hestia panel to use File Manager app.

Is it possible to give him access only to File manager app and nothing else?

Thanks for any advice.

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Roberto Jobet

Filemanager only isnt possible, he needs to login over the hestia backend with his user and would see the normal user view of hestia itself.

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You could install standalone web based filemanager.



You mean Hestia’s File Manager or a different one?

yeah, something like :
From description it say: "It allows the creation of multiple users and each user can have its own directory … "

Ok heres what you should do:
download TinyFileManager here:
2. Unzip it and you will find folder: tinyfilemanager-master and in that folder few files:
in config.php file there are lines like this:
$auth_users = array(
‘admin’ => ‘$2y$10$/K.hjNr84lLNDt8fTXjoI.DBp6PpeyoJ.mGwrrLuCZfAwfSAGqhOW’, //[email protected]
‘user’ => ‘$2y$10$Fg6Dz8oH9fPoZ2jJan5tZuv6Z4Kp7avtQ9bDfrdRntXtPeiMAZyGO’ //12345

admin has hashed password : $2y$10$/K.hjNr84lLNDt8fTXjoI.DBp6PpeyoJ.mGwrrLuCZfAwfSAGqhOW
you should change that generating new hashed password here: and insert it instead of default admin password you have.
Also you can erase user “user” with its hashed password.
save config.php and exit.
Next thing to do is to rename tinyfilemanager.php to index.php
Now, connect to your hosting account using FTP (filezilla for example) and in public_html create folder like tinyfilemanger or whatewer you like and upload : config.php, index.php and the rest of the files.
now when you go to you will be welcomed with login screen, use admin/yourpass

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