HCP not showing B2 backups after reinstall

After a reinstall of a Ubuntu 22.04 VPS and HestiaCP I configured Backblaze B2 again, as it was before the reinstall.

Unfortunately, when trying to restore a previous backup, HestiaCP does not list the files existing in the Backblaze bucket, only new backups, done after the reinstall.

I was able to restore manually, from the commandline though.

It would be desirable that Hestiacp could list and restore actual existing B2 backups right from its GUI.

We don’t support importing existing backups from a remote server (or localy) stored from non existing users.

It think it hard to fix / get it working again

After a fresh install of the vps and hestiacp, I downloaded a backup from the backblaze B2 bucket and then uploaded it to the /backup folder of the vps.

I created a new user with the same name as existing before the reinstall. Then I used v-restore-user as described here:


This worked for me, fortunately. If not, it would totally annihilate the purpose of backups.

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It is how it is designed and it should always work… We keep backward compatibility in mind

What doesn’t work:
Setup new server:
Add Backup host from an older existing server and then try to restore them.

This is because we don’t store the backup.conf of that user in that the remote location and even if we do we don’t know what users we need to import.

Sadly currently the way how restoring is described is still the method that works. Until we have time to rewrite everything…

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If you use rclone, you can get the files directly quite easy.
help for b2: B2
After config you can directly copy files from b2 to /backup

cd /backup
rclone config // configure your b2 storage
// example: rclone copy backblaze:hestiabackup/firstuser/firstuser.2023-01-29_05-10-38.tar . -P