Hello everyone! May I ask how Hestiacp installs PHP 6.5 version?

Hello everyone! May I ask how Hestiacp installs PHP 6.5 version? Thank you!

Hi @yunli, I suppose you mean PHP 5.6 because PHP 6.5 doesn’t exist. Hestia uses php packages provided by sury.

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Is the server compatible with Hestiacp after installation? Can I set it directly in the panel?

I don’t understand this question.

Yes, from Server Settings -> Configure -> Web Server

Can I control it in the 8083 control panel after ssh installation?

Hestia uses by default port 8083 to server the web panel so you can’t use the same port for ssh but you can use defaul port 22 for ssh or any other unused port.

After installing PHP6.5 through SSH, can it be controlled or enabled in the 8083 control panel?

Should I compile and install the source code or directly apt install PHP

Thank you

PHP 6 was never released it was skipped in favour for PHP7…

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PHP 6.5 doesn’t exist.

I don’t know why you repeat the port 8083 because that port has nothing to do with ssh.

Regarding your question, yes, you have commands to manage that from terminal (ssh):

List installed php versions

Install php version

v-add-web-php 5.6

Remove php version

v-delete-web-php 5.6

No need to compile it, just use apt install or better use the commands I posted above.


Don’t run apt install php5.6 it might break things and it doesn’t create the configs.

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