Help create template cant activate

I have created the template that I need for nginx but it does not appear in my panel to select it, what else should I do to activate a template?

thanks all

You must have 2 version of the the template:
One is for example.tpl for Port 80 (no ssl) and
The other is for example.stpl for Port 443 (ssl),
If You have apache so must have the same config for them…

Sorry about my english, i hope help you…

dont worry im spanish my english is bad too, yes i know that

I have created the two nginx files that I need and configured but in the hestia panel they do not appear to select them …

If you have nginx and apache 2 I think that the location of the templates is different.

Maybe @eris can enlighten us.

Here you all can find the right paths for your setup

yes yes i create it inside /usr/local/hestia/data/templates/nginx but it doesn’t appear in my admin panel to set it …

yes I already check all the documentation before asking for help i know that link

Then check where you put the templates. Like @jlguerrero said, it’s most probably the wrong path for your setup. It could be helpful to you to tell us what is your installation as well

Try here usr/local/hestia/data/templates/web/apache2/php-fpm

But I just need to change the configure of nginx, I just wanted to clarify it.

I try to make the change in apache2-php-fpm?

that file is for change apache2 conf, i need just change the conf of nginx

Are you using Apache2 + Nginx or only Nginx?

Both apache2 + Nginx but i just need change the conf Nginx

The /usr/local/hesita/data/web/templates/nginx should be the correct location

yes i did that… but i cant activate the new conf inside the panel…

Are you logged in as the admin user or a normal “standard” user?

admin, and i go to the domain to change the new conf nginx but i cant see the new conf

What kind of template are you making? Just to underline that you are using Apache as web server and nginx as proxy (for caching).

Are checking the right place ? :slight_smile:

I had set the default template in nginx and I simply need to set the ip in the proxypass of the default template.

Therefore I have created the two files stp1 and tp1

Putting the configuration I need.

In the path / usr / local / hestia / data / templates / web / nginx

It is not a number 1 its an L

stpl = STPL

TPL is for TemPLate