Help needed after update of packages from webmin

Hi to all the great community and great developers.I need your help as i am desperate now for any ideas.I have made the huge mistake and update my hestiacp server from webmin and now all my site show the sign “success” with the green v.I am able to connect to hestiacp control panel.But for example i have made the rebuild all for the domains but still nothing.I am afraid that when webmin updated the server it deleted or downloaded the updates of apache2 ,php with new configuration and broke everything

So far i have tried the “rebuild all” in domain and nothing happens.In sites web root is ok and when i pste a site url with the index.php for example where the main page is i get a message file not found even if the file exists.In website error log and access log nothing is writen and has been stuck in the last time when the update finished.
Also all link like webmail ,phpmyadmin dont work only filemanager
Files all are intact and was able to create a new domain and run a quick install for installation of wordpress for example.All good files are there but still when browsing new site only it displays “success” if i write to open for example i get a file not found

Any help would be appreciated .