Help - Please?!

So, being stupid and with no recent backup, I just did something really stupid and I desperately need assistance.
HestiaCP was running 100% fine. And then I stupidly thought I could install VirtualMin/WebMin so that WHMCS could be used.
Well, my HestiaCP is still running - but not the important services:
etc etc etc.

I “think” all of my sites are still there in /web but I can not see them from Hestia.

Am I totally screwed or is there some way to reinstate the ‘missing’ services that were obviously destroyed by installing Virtualmin. ?

Can some kind soul please help me?
Thank you,


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I personaly don’t think that there is much to “help” (at least here over the forum), you need to check what exactly has be done from virtjualmin, what was installed, why your services doesnt start. Maybe the easier thing would be to take a backup from your accounts, reinstall the server or create a new hestia instance and restore the backups.

Also @eris is providing paid support from time to time, but the rate is 100 euro / hour due to european location - mine would be even higher :slight_smile:.


First of all WHMCS runs fine with Hestia after you have installed ioncube…

  1. Run v-backup-users

  2. Copy al files to a backup storage
    2a. Verify all backups are complete ( not missing mysql databases for example)

  3. Wipe server

  4. New install Hesita

  5. Restore backups

  6. Learn from the fact to make always backups!

  7. And before doing destructive things check first on a test server / virtual box

It is probably faster to do those steps than check all configs while is not starting.


Can you please tell me where v-backup-users puts the output file? The documentation is unclear. Thank you!

/backup folder

And please, as I am a novice. Is there a best way to “Copy All Files”? maybe a simple linux command?

Then I can download the backups and do the rest.
Thank you again,


Thank you

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