Help with Hestia Recovery

Please provide some advice here. My hestia server (ubuntu 20) was working great. Today I logged in and did an apt update/upgrade and when done I went to reboot and the server crashed badly (went into grub mode and I can’t recover).

My maria databases are on a separate vhdx.
My /home folder is on a separate vhdx.

I’m in the process now of setting up ubuntu 20 on a new server and will attach those 2 vhdx files when done. What is the best approach at getting live with this scenario? Are there other critical config files I need to recover from my dead machine?

Any help is appreciated.

Contents of /usr/local/hestia/conf and /usr/local/hestia/data/

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Sounds like a issue with grub due to a kernel upgrade - ususaly, they are fixable but arent related to hestia.

For desaster recovery, a working hestia backup would be the easiest way. If you want to manualy recover the files, this would be possible aswell but will consume a lot of time - also we can’t provide a whole “how to” guide. As @eris wrote, it is also possible to restore the hestia parts, because we don’t use a db - just file based.

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