Help with mail setup

Hello everyone.
I am learning to configure my vps with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and HestiaCP v1.3.3.
The installation done is the standard that HestiaCP does
But I have problems configuring my domain mail

I can’t put the SSL certificate on my mail server because it says “error: message DNS record for mail “mydomain . com” doesn’t exist”

The browser cannot connect to “webmail. mydomain. com”, it says there’s a writing error.

“intodns” says that I have no MX configured, but yes I have an MX configured in my HestiaCP DNS zone like this:
Record = @
Type = MX
IP or Value = (webmail.mydomain. com.)
Priority = 0
TTL = 14400

I have already formatted and installed for 2 times, but same problems and I cannot know why I do not have mail in my domain. I am a little confused because I do not know where’s the issue and how I can solve it.

Please help me

PS “mydomain. com” is only an example of domain

This an answer of nslookup -type=MX

Non-authoritative answer:
*** Can’t find mydomain. com: No answer

Authoritative answers can be found from:
mydomain. com
origin = ns01.freenom. com
mail addr = soa.freenom. com
serial = 9999999999
refresh = 10800
retry = 3600
expire = 604800
minimum = 3600

And this the answer typing nslookup mail.mydomain. com

** server can’t find NXDOMAIN

You need to add an A record for mail and webmail.domain.tld on your current dns management - usualy, when you just start, this is somewhere at your registrar, cloudflare, or similar.

I had to add these A registers in my domain server “
Thank you very much

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