Help with network ip settings for virtualbox

Hi. I successfully set up hestia on virtualbox running a vm with ubuntu 22.04, which replicates my production/dev vps and I plan to use for local development. I can access hestia no problem but it sets the ip to my the one assigned by my isp, which I know isn’t correct.

My local machine is Windows 11 Pro and set up the hosts file there with my sites. My sites are working (except I can’t figure out how to get wordpress backend to work correctly and I’m not sure if it’s related) but I know I am missing some settings in hestia and/or virtualbox.




I don’t yet know much about networking, but I would like to get this working so I learn more. Internet searches and searches here didn’t help. Any guidance or pointing to resources about this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Your HestiaCP screenshot shows that a private IP is assigned. The associated NAT IP won’t hurt anything.

You certainly can use NAT networking and port forwarding in your VirtualBox network config. I find bridged networking more pleasant in some circumstances. It places the guest on the same LAN as the hostand mashes things easier since their is no NAT between the networks.

I don’t know why you have a second interface on the guest ad or shouldn’t normally be necessary.

For VirtualBox specific questions, their forum is going to be a more appropriate resource.

Thanks for the info @linkp

I don’t either. I just followed the instructions of an online tutorial

Thanks for the tip. Will do!