Help with the dns server!

Hi I am trying to add the two dns I made:, to my domain but when I add it I get that the two dns point to the same ip, first time I get this error and before I had done the same and nothing happened everything worked correctly!

The solution would be to add an extra ip? if that were the case what configurations would I have to do.

Hi @howenflores,

If your domain registrar doesn’t allow two ns servers pointing to the same ip,

1.- Add an ip to your server, this will cost you money and will add complexity to your setup with no beneficts because you still will have the same point of failure.

2.- Use external dns servers, you can do it using free services like Cloudflare or paid ones, free services usually doesn’t allow vanity name servers (i.e. use your own domain for ns records).

3.- Contact your registrar and explain the issue, if they can’t solve it, transfer your domain to a registrar that allows two ns records pointing to the same ip.