Here is my monthly load average screenshot, when i should upgrade server?

Hi, this is my load average task monitor, is this mean that i should upgrade to new server?
my website is grow up and the number of visitors is grow every day.
what this graph screenshot say?

It depends on the number of cores / hardware

Before increasing, check where the bottleneck is.

Php execution
Database queries
Other processes

Maybe you can cache some stuff.

Then check if the traffic is legitimate because maybe you can reduce load by banning IPs of hackers.

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i have 4 cores

how to check traffic is legitimate ? can i check it in cloudflare? also i use firewall cloudflare waf and i have this rule :
Challenge Bot Score 2 - 29
Threat Score, Known Bots, Cookie

also this
Block Bot Score = 1
Threat Score, Known Bots, Hostname

You should be fine then. The only thing is to cache frequent queries.

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