Hestia 1.2.0 RC - WE NEED YOU!

Dear Community

The long-awaited 1.2.0 update is now available as a release candidate - if no more bugs are found in this version, we will publish them on our repository.

But before we can do this, we need your help! Please install the update on your servers according to the following instructions and check if everything works as desired.

Please be aware that this is a Release Candidate - we have tested it extensively, but there may still be unknown problems - so please make sure you have a backup of your server!

We are looking forward to your feedback!

How to update to the release candidate?

# Change to root home or any other directory
cd /root

# Download the precompiled packages, please replace OS and VERSION
# OS: debian or ubuntu
# VERSION: 9, 10, 1604, 1804 or 2004
wget https://apt.hestiacp.com/beta/hestia_1.2.0_amd64.deb
wget https://apt.hestiacp.com/beta/hst-OS-VERSION/hestia-nginx_1.17.10.deb
wget https://apt.hestiacp.com/beta/hst-OS-VERSION/hestia-php_7.4.6.deb

# First install hestia-php and hestia-nginx
dpkg -i hestia-nginx_1.17.10.deb
dpkg -i hestia-php_7.4.6.deb

# During the installation of php a error will occur, please install missing packages
apt-get update
apt-get install -f

# Now install the hestia package
dpkg -i hestia_1.2.0_amd64.deb

# Cleanup
rm hestia_1.2.0_amd64.deb hestia-nginx_1.17.10.deb hestia-php_7.4.6.deb

(!) The latest version of Hestia Control Panel is already installed.
Verifying configuration…

() Updating Roundcube configuration…
) Updating exim4 configuration…
() Configuring Filegator FileManager…
/usr/local/hestia/install/upgrade/versions/latest.sh: line 89: v-list-sys-users: command not found
(!) phpMyAdmin v5.0.2 is already installed, skipping update…
) Rebuilding domains and account for user: admin…
(*) Restarting services…

May I asked what version you are using before the upgrade?

I had before the Git Master 1.2.0 from few days ago (yesterday ? ) installed, even there was an error message everything seems to be fine

Thanks for reporting the issue, we will fix that part and build a new package - this is a cosmetic fix, there is no need to reinstall anything.

Different box and different error:

(!) The latest version of Hestia Control Panel is already installed.
Verifying configuration…

() Hardening Apache2 Server Status Module…
) Updating Roundcube configuration…
() Updating exim4 configuration…
) Configuring Filegator FileManager…
dpkg: error processing package hestia (–install):
installed hestia package post-installation script subprocess returned error exi t status 1
Errors were encountered while processing:

filemanager don’t work either on this box, on the first box it works , what could be the reason
Both VPS have the same configuration

ops! Something went wrong.
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
Error Code: 500

Please run

Again if that doesn’t work please check /var/log/hestia/error.log

Also please check your free memory and swap


Yep, now its working fine :slight_smile:

We just updated the hestia rc package which resolves the issue which @Active8 reported, also an additional issue which leads the filemanager to fail due to less memory. There is no need to reinstall the package, the changes arent relevant for running systems - just for the upgrade procedure itself.

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link ```
wget https://apt.hestiacp.com/beta/hst-OS-VERSION/hestia-nginx_1.17.10.deb

is not working for me

Replace OS with debian or ubuntu and version with 9, 10, 1604, 1804 or 2004

If it not work please give us the file you are downloading…


Thank you @eris
Now on webmail (roundcube) i have server name, after upgrade, is this correct?
And if yes, what the server name?

Normally webmail.yourdomain.com should work at least if you created the domain…

Your server name should be hostname that you supplied…

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Hestia v1.2.0 is about to be released this week, so any feedback you guys have, would be very helpful.


I’ve installed the RC on a Ubuntu 20.04, but had the problem, that the hestia service wasn’t able to start:

hestia[16148]: * Starting hestia-nginx hestia-nginx
hestia[16148]: …done.
hestia[16148]: * Starting hestia-php hestia-php
hestia[16153]: /usr/local/hestia/php/sbin/hestia-php: error while loading shared libraries: libzip.so.5: cannot open shared object file

I had a look on the dependencies of the hestia-php package:
Depends: hestia, libzip5 | libzip4, unzip, libonig5 | libonig4

Since libzip4 was installed on my system, the dependencies were ok. After I installed libzip5, hestia-php was working fine.

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Hi @ronald

Thanks for your feedback, did you maybe upgraded your system from ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04? I just ask myself why you’re running libzip4, as far as I can see, Ubuntu 20.04 gets shipped with libzip5 (and libonig5).

No, I used a minimal Ubuntu 20.04 image from netcup.de, which didn’t have the libzip5 installed.

I’ve upgraded an old version of hestia 1.1.1 to 1.2.0 RC and hestia-php 7.4.5 to 7.4.6. I think the installation of hestia 1.1.1 or hestia-php 7.4.5 has installed the libzip4. After the upgrade to hestia 1.2.0 and hestia-php 7.4.6 there was no need for the package manager to install libzip5, becase libzip4 was installed.

Hmm, Hestia 1.1.1 wasnt ready for Ubuntu 20.04, the official support will be added with 1.2.0. Not sure if the issue is relevant for the release, infact libzip4 isnt available for 20.04 (https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/libzip4), libzip5 should be installed by default. Thanks for reporting it, also glad that you got it fixed on your own :smiley:!

I had a closer look on the problem. I’ve php7.3 (7.3.19-1+ubuntu20.04.1+deb.sury.org+1) and phpmyadmin (4:4.9.5+dfsg1-2) installed on the system. phpmyadmin depends on php-zip, which is provided by php7.3-zip (7.3.19-1+ubuntu20.04.1+deb.sury.org+1). The package php7.3-zip depends on libzip4. This is the reason, why libzip4 is installed and there is no need to install libzip5 with hestia.