Hestia 1.4.2 - Update Feedback - Debian 10.9

1.) apache2, nginx, ssh doesn’t work after restart

  • it´s possible to start apache2 and nginx manually

2.) ssh needs to be reinstalled.

3.) root password is not accepted and has to be created again.

4.) The version number remains at 1.4.1.

Point 1.) /etc/sysctl.conf → net.ipv4.ip_nonlocal_bind = 1


Can you define “reinstalled”? The update doesnt remove any system packages.

Aswell it does not change the root password, if you reference to the admin user, don’t chanhe it with passwd, use v-change-user-password or the webinterface - otherwise it will get reset to the old value.

Can you run dpkg --configure -a? It sounds like the upgrade somehow got stuck, maybe due to the service restart fail. If there is nothing, maybe trigger the update again using apt update && apt install --reinstall hestia.

We are not able to debug your system…

systemctl status apache2
systemctl status nginx
systemctl status sshd

And check what is the error or check the log files

  1. See rules applies for 1

  2. We have disableled login into the web panel al ready in 1.3 as we felt it was insecure as it would allow you to skip 2fa login and continue.


    • Removed the ability to log in as “root” (which logged to the admin account, deemed no longer necessary)

Good morning,

Q1, ScIT: “Can you define “reinstalled”? The update doesnt remove any system packages”

A1: SSH service does not start. So I had to reinstall with “apt purge openssh-server openssh-client” & “apt install openssh-server openssh-client” to be able to access the system again.

Q2: ScIT: “Aswell it does not change the root password,…”
A2: Next time take a screenshot

Q3: ScIT: Can you run dpkg --configure -a?
A3: Yes I can. Nothing happend. I changed the version manually from 1.4.1 to 1.4.2 in hestia.conf. Version 1.4.1 is still in the panel.

Q4, eris: “Removed the ability to log in as “root” (which logged to the admin account, deemed no longer necessary)”
A1: I don’t hope that the update scripts will take away my ability to log in as root via SSH.

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No it is only for WebUI… SSH login is still “intact”

I have lost User Tab after auto upgrade, Lost user tab after hestia got new version V1.4.2

Just a small thing, there is no Forgot Password link when user input wrong password. i cannot find anywhere in login screen :slight_smile:

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There is a setting here: Settings > Security > Login > Allow users to reset their passwords. If it is set to “No” users can not reset their passwords.


great, thanks. now i know it :smiley: