Hestia 1.4.3 - Authentication fails when action done using API key

Generated from SSH using v-generate-api-key, my admin account is 2FA’d, allowed IP list is Every time my php script tries to create a new user with the API key, it says Authentication Failed.

Don’t provide username or password with autentication with api key


Yep, I didnt, just hst_hash, etc. Etc.

API should always skip 2FA checks any way

Did it contains an _ or - by accident. I know there are some issue in the past with it…

This the check.

Check /var/log/hestia/auth.log if you see something in there

Yes the API key did have an underscore. When I regenerated the new one didnt, but still gave the error

I am not able to debug on your server… I am using the api year without any issue. Try to look where is going wrong

So I have done a few things and it is “working” now, well, not really, whenever I try to test it just returns “2” and doesnt create the user.


Hmm I provided everything but last name, it is just blank, also is PAM regulation applied when creating users thru API?