Hestia 1.7.0 Beta | DNSSEC Testing

We are currently working on Hestia 1.7.0 and releasing an update to add support for DNSSEC. A feature that has been lacking for multiple years…

Because testing on a limited number of servers doesn’t work that well. We would like to get some feedback from the community. :heart:

Few notes:

  • Server requirements: Ubuntu 22.04 or Debian 11.
  • DNSSEC needs to be updated at your domain registrar otherwise it will not get enabled.
  • If you are not planning to use the new DNSCluster / DNSSEC feature please wait with updating. Also as usual there might still some minor bugs in this install.

As the current implementation of our DNS cluster is never able to support DNSSEC we have made some changes to allow syncing with AXFR zone transfer with bind for updating the zones and keys.

To install the update follow the instruction that can be found here:

Changes that are required to both bind9 configuration and hestia.conf can be found:

If you have any question use Join our Discord server:


@eris the https://dev.hestiacp.com links are dead

Replace them with development.hestiacp.com

Thanks for the update. :slight_smile:

Who ever wrote the documents on the dev site is a good writer, easy to read and understand.

Its good to see easy to understand documentation you have a nack for it…

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Can you please do a redirect so all of the forum links will get updated?

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