Hestia admin panel redirect to other page

hello need urgent help please

it was working fine when im login last time after few days im try to access my control panel. its keep asking me to update the browser im try different browser same error.


after its redirect to Your browser is outdated! Please update it.

then at the last this url show.


my control panel is hacked or what is the issue how to solve it.

i can access via putty or ftp

please help this out thank you

Please provide more information

What is the server IP (Feel free to send a DM) so we can check it out…

This sounds like you use Cloudflare and your Cloudflare account has been compromised. In these incidents, the attacker adds a malicious redirect rule in your Cloudflare dashboard.

No all files were overwritten in /usr/local/hestia/web/ with. 6 mb index.php

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While presenting similar symptoms to a compromised Cloudflare account redirect attack, I should have recognized that it was not. The Hestia CP dashboard being accessed by direct IP and not a hostname is not possible through the Cloudflare proxy.