Hestia and Ubuntu's directories


Sorry to be a little off topic, but there is nowhere else to ask.

I don’t understand Linux, I bought a VPS by default there is a bundle of Ubuntu + Hestia panel installed. Being in the panel as root, I cannot see the var, etc, etc. directories. I cannot read the logs of the same apache. I can see the directories and files in var via SSH in the File Manager, but I can’t download them to myself.

Previously, I had Debian + ISP manager 4 panel, where I saw all this both through the panel and through the manager.

And I will repeat myself under root access.

Why is that? How can I read the logs (nginx,apache,ssh…) directly from the panel? Thank you.

Hestia does not allow downloading log files via control panel…

(Except for the domain log files)

Thank you. That is, I can’t even see them, configs, logs?

Configs not all you are able to see config installed by hestia via the server settings.

Logs are currently mostly only available via ssh login.

Ok. Thanks.

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