Hestia Backup Error 8, Error 4, Error 11 - Meaning and How to Fix?

Could someone please help explain the meaning of the error 8, 4, and 11 in the log file:

I have been receiving this error in my log file for all user accounts on the server since setting the server up:
2021-04-16 05:10:09 v-backup-user ‘user2’ [Error 11]

I assume this is because I had disabled the backups in the package settings. I set the value to 0, as I don’t need them as I have my own backup scripts and digitalOcean weekly backups. And I don’t want to waste additional disk space on the server (as I don’t really have much spare space (<40GB).

So I thought it may be because the backups were set to 0. So I changed it to 1.

Question: Is there a way to set value to 0 and NOT get this error report in the log, if that’s what it’s caused by. I don’t understand why its an error, if you simply have the backup disabled and set to 0.

After I set value to 1. Then I can see that the admin user is backing up fine and no longer appearing in the error log (so I assume my assumption above is correct). However, now I get a new error for the other user on the web server:

2021-04-28 05:10:08 v-backup-user ‘user2’ [Error 8].

Question: What is error 8?

I also notice some times there is a error 4 (2021-04-26 15:12:29 v-schedule-user-backup ‘user2’ [Error 4]), I assume this may be when I manually attempted the backup.

Question: Is there a KB doc that explains what the various HestiaCP errors are?


Disable the cronjob to disable it for good…


@user7632726 while I understand and appreciate your efforts in learning and understanding, I suggest to stop dismantling your system that way and taking everything so serious. it appears a bit offensive or at least … hair splitting and therefore not everyone might like this kind of topics/questions.

to call it ‘Error xy’ is a decision devs made for a reason. does not have to mean automatically it is something broken, but just a Number to report what happened there or why something stop/exited.
so you need to be a bit more relaxed about these things and I suggest you try to find the answers you are looking for by yourself first - for instance by looking into the shell scripts, they are not encrypted.

no offense meant, but if you are interested in understanding these things (which is good ofc) I guess you need to step up your own efforts a bit more and start looking at the code not just continue asking questions.

the team could starts being a bit annoyed because you kind of put them on a spot where they feel kind of pressure to justify their decisions all the time. no one likes that :wink:

just saying. and we know the documentation is lacking a lot of these informations. we do not have the time to write everything down and spending time on explaining here instead does not make things better.
Would be great if you or someone else starts digging into the sourcecode/shell scripts and find these informations from there and put it up here or via PR into the docs. :man_shrugging:


Thanks Eris! I will disable that cron job then. I just wanted sure why it was showing as error, and if that was as designed, that’s why I posted the question.

I think if the packages are set with backup set to 0, it can be easily checked with code and just skip without writing any error to log, which would probably be better. Just an idea. Anyway, I appreciate the response and clarification.

@Falzo - thanks and I understand your perspective and agree. I don’t mean to come off negative or anything. Also, I think some of this is definitely basic information, but i searched here (Search — Hestia Control Panel documentation) and couldn’t find this information. I understand that documentation is often low on the priority list, but as you mention, it’s questions like these that consume you and your team’s time.

Sorry to be the one to start the threads, hopefully it avoids others to ask you the question later. I’d love to help. It seems some of this information is in fact documented somewhere (github). How can one provide some input in the process or create knowledge docs or contribute to this site (Search — Hestia Control Panel documentation). It would be nice if there was a Confluence/wiki type of KB platform where I or others could contribute and add some of this information. Does that exist, happy to help. I’ve already documented a lot of this in evernote files on my end.

Now that the server is pretty much up and running, I can probably find some time to help document some of this. Thanks again for your support!

the docs are a github project of its own and you can find it here: GitHub - hestiacp/hestiacp-docs: Hestia Control Panel Documentation | Want to contribute? Pull requests are welcome!

to contribute and make it better the best way would be to get a (free) github account, fork that project, start adding/editing and then submit your edits as pull requests. these can be reviewed and merged in easily.


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