Hestia Backup, why not

Why not also include the installation of wordpress and other web files?

It is allready in Hestia for over 6 months…

And for Backups there should be no excuse for making them…

I mean about backup, when hestia make a backup is about system files, such as ssl, database and etc… but not include website files, so… why not? @eris

Is does. It only compressed in an .tar.zst or .tar.gz. it is located in /web/{domain} folder when you open the backup

Screenshot 2020-11-10 at 17.18.11

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I hate this .zst backups.

If someone needs to extract it at Windows, then use Peazip portable.

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Great! thanks a lot

already did it and working great, thanks

Even better, ditch Windoze and be liberated!

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You hate srsly fast backup speed? nevermind :slight_smile:.


v-change-sys-config-value BACKUP_MODE gzip

Don’t see the issue

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Thanks @eris for the screenshot. I love slower backups.