Hestia + Cloudflare Tunnel

Hi, just wondering if it’s possible to use HestiaCP with Cloudflare Tunnel to expose hosted sites, or is that not possible?


can you elaborate more ?

I want to expose Hestia Control Panel and sites hosted (WordPress) to the web without exposing ports on my home network. That’s where Cloudflare Tunnel comes in, as it creates a encrypted tunnel between my home server and Cloudflares data center, without the need to expose anything.

Yes, possible, but you will need to use “templates” in hestiaCP to edit manually ports per each domain setup, and it will work.

Detailed information and principles how to do that very well described there: Exposing a web service with Cloudflare Tunnel

in short:
you making tunnel
you making config file where you say to which port created tunnel will forward traffic
inside nginx/apache connfig (ideally just nginx only) sets proper port per domain the same like in config
→ boom your ingress ((in traffic)) will route thought tunnel into inner port not exposed publically and will be served content from.

The biggest problem - mail server. ((mail headers with src of sender))
As far as I remember this thing can be hidden via rewritting header, but it will lead to delivery mails into spam folder.

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