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I am new to Hestia. I have installed HestiaCP on a Linode server and when I login as admin I can only see 0/1 domains, DNS, and mail. See attached screenshot. However, in the demo app I can see you can add many domains as you like. How do I enable that? Do I have to configure some setting?

Thanks a lot for the support!

I think I’ve solved the issue. Changing the package from system to default changed the setting and now I can see the numbers in the panel have changed.

Don’t use admin user for hosting websites but create a new user with the default package

This is to prevent hackers gain access to your server


You can make as many users as you want. I make one new hestia user for each new website. Thus, if a hacker gains access to one of your website, they will not have access to any of your other websites as each website will have its own file manager and folders and databases.

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