Hestia Control Panel with Cloudflare SSL

I installed Lets SSL on tcpanel.domain.com and again install Lets SSL on domain.com through the Hestia control panel.

and connected Cloudflare. after that, I set “SSL/TLS encryption mode to Full” on Cloudflare.

domain.com (my site) 's SSL is working Fine.
tcpanel.domain.com:8083 's SSL is not working (control panel)
tcpanel.trendyport.com 's SSL is working

can you help me

tcpanel.domain.com:8083 always get this error msg “The certificate is self-signed. Users will receive a warning when accessing this site unless the certificate is manually added as a trusted certificate to their web browser. You can fix this error by buying a trusted SSL certificate”

DNS Records on Vultr
A — serverIP
A — tcpanel — serverIP
CNAME — tcpanel — domain.com

DNS Records on Cloudflare
A — serverIP ----- Proxied
A — tcpanel — serverIP ----- DNS Only
CNAME ---- tcpanel — domain.com ----- DNS Only

8083 is always blocked by default

Use port 2083 instead

how to change now?

I changed the port to 2083. (using this /usr/local/hestia/nginx/conf/nginx.conf)

now get error “Error 522 Connection timed out”

Firewall is blocked by default use v-change-sys-port 2083

For the ssl error runL



i’m getting NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID in the same situation
and Eris’ solution fixed it
@eris :muscle:

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