Hestia CP and Ubuntu update

I’m far away from being a sysadmin, but thanks to Hestia, I got my website running and fully functional, including MariaDB and Perl. I intend to install clamav (because of the mail server) and in the clamav doc, I read that I should update Ubuntu first. My question: Can I do an Ubuntu update, without risking that any Hestia configuration files are changed?

Two other, not related, questions concerning SSL.

  1. Why is the phpMyAdmin link in the CP http, as https works fine?
  2. I have activated awstats. It works well, but with http only (https results in “page not found”). Also, not found out, why the awstats page is displayed without asking for a user name and password (the corresponding .htaccess and .password files have been created in the stats directory).

Thanks in advance for any suggestion. And thanks for this really amazing application, that is Hestia CP!

Yes you can how ever it is probably the best to follow the instructions Hestia used:

apt-get install clamav-daemon

Add in /usr/local/hestia/conf/hestia.conf

And then:

Please be aware that clamav needs about 1GB free memory

Sounds that is hard coded need to check it out …

Probably the same

Thanks for answer. I’m sure that the phpMyAdmin link used http yesterday. I say this, because this morning it’s all fine and https is used.

Just to tell you that you don’t have to review the source code. No idea why (perhaps the update to the new version?), but this morning awstats worked with https (http in the link is redirected by my rewrite instructions, added to .htaccess) and authentication is ok, too. Thanks, anyway!

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