Hestia CP Backup

Is it possible in future builds the admins could implement a way to backup roundcube plugins and settings files?

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I don’t think It’s HestiaCP job to back the server. You can to it very easily with rsync and not just roundcube.


The thing is Hestia CP already backups up a numerous number of things and it might as well backup roundcube stuff. Hestia CP saves settings configured so it might of well save settings for roundcube if it installs it. Just from a practical stand point.

hestia “just” backups user data, not the server or service configs itself. @schiwe is right, if you want to have a full server backup, use related software.

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From a control panel perspective @Raphael, you do not think it’s a good idea to add that as a feature?

no, we do not plan to offer whole system backups with hestia.

Kind of related, so I’ll just mention it here … I’ve been wondering about a hestia server migration / mirror script for a while. The first stage would be to copy the config from one server to the other, without the actual user data. So obviously the /usr/local/hestia directory, but replacing the server IP address where necessary. Probably the /etc/exim and /etc/dovecot /etc/fail2ban directories … and more as you need them.
Then the second stage would be to sync they /home/user/ directories across one by one.

The reason I’ve been thinking of this is that I’ve had a couple of tricky server migrations in the last couple of years, where the amount of user data is too large to backup, so I’ve basically had to perform this process myself. I have hacked at the v-backup-user and v-backup-restore scripts to basically perform a backup/restore without the data, and then rsync that across myself. So I think there is a use-case for something like this, where the config is transferred without the data.

Thank you pluto for your input. I guess we have to implement our own backup scripts for the short comings of the control panel. Note, If we edit hestiacp files, they can be overwritten in future updates.

What specifically happened to me was, my server add some sort of glitch with an update and lost access to the server. So I had to rely on remote backups.

We already keep a backup of round cube config…

So you only need to backup the plugins you have installed your self. Or document it…


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