Hestia display the service mariadb status incorrectly

I updated the Mariadb to 10.8.3

After that in the control panel mariadb status is stopped, but the mariadb service is running, I checked in the console
service mariadb status

Why does hestia display the service status incorrectly?

if [ $mariadb_v = “10.5” ] || [ $mariadb_v = “10.6” ] || [ $mariadb_v = “10.7” ]; then

Add 10.8 to the list we need to check if value > 10.5 instead instead each versions

Please be aware:
Do not use alpha releases in production!

10.8.3 is in alpha release

Or even better see PR:

Thank you, I have solved the problem.
Are you sure this is the alpha version?
MariaDB 10.8.3 Release Notes - MariaDB Knowledge Base

It looks like the have released it few days ago…

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