Hestia DNS Cluster Connection Issues


First time posting here and I have a weird one…

I have 4 machines:

All of them run the latest Hesita and are fully patched Debian 11.

I have them all configured in a master-master-master-master relationship where any DNS records on one of the machines is propagated to the rest of them via the DNS Cluster sync. I have it configured via the API with the same key for the host being used on the other 3.

One difference I have in my setup is I have a cron job on each machine to run v-sync-dns-cluster (with no arguments) every 2 minutes. Upon setting up the cluster with all of the commands and running v-sync-dns-cluster, the cluster properly syncs and all dns records transfer properly.

Every time I configure it this way, I always get the email as follows roughly 10 mins after configuring it:

Error: api connection to chi.xxxxxx.com failed.

Remote dns host has been suspended.After resolving issue run following commands:

v-unsuspend-remote-dns-host chi.xxxxxx.com
v-sync-dns-cluster chi.xxxxxx.com

This could be from and to any of the other hosts as well.

I have A records and glue records created for chi, sea, atl, and nyc. In addition I have updated my packages to use those nameservers.

Any suggestions on how I can avoid getting these connection issues? Do I need to generate a different API key for each connection? Do I still need ns1.xxxxxx.com a and glue records in this configuration?

Thanks for the help!

No you can use chi.xxx.com and so on

I had the same issue in the past did solve it by using ip instead

I am going to try and remove the current hosts and add the same API key and use the IP instead


Looks like the initial addition connection is failing even trying it by IP on two of the machines, I regenerated the api key too, have the IPs on the whitelist for the API and am still getting the error

/usr/local/hestia/func/remote.sh: line 50: return: Error:: numeric argument required
Error: api connection to xx.xx.xx.xx failed

Any suggestions?

Nevermind, I swapped the IPs for the machines and was trying to authenticate with a key that doesn’t exist. I am going to keep this open to ensure there are no residual connection issues and then close it out once I don’t get any more notifications. Thanks for the help!

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If you encounter such issues enable “debug” mode in the panel. And then activate the api again commands will get logged in /var/log/hestia/api.log

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