Hestia - Error reading my js files help please

Hello friends, I was installing Hestia on my test server, everything was installed correctly, the problem I have is when I upload a web page to the server they do not read the javascripts files.

ReferenceError: $ is not defined

in local mode of my normal functional pc all js.

any solution please.

Hi @tecprueba12

Javascript/jQuery gets executed in the client browser, so there is nothing that hestia could do wrong here (expect not provide the file at all) :slight_smile:.

According to a short google search, it looks like the jquery package didnt get loaded properly: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2075337/uncaught-referenceerror-is-not-defined

Can you checkout the developer console (in Chrome F12) and check for any error log?


thanks brother, the error was in my js files, they had loaded badly, I corrected it.

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Basically $ is an alias of jQuery() so when you try to call/access it before declaring the function, it will endup throwing this $ is not defined error . This usually indicates that jQuery is not loaded and JavaScript does not recognize the $. Even with $(document).ready , $ is still going to be undefined because jquery hasn’t loaded yet.

To solve this error:

Load the jQuery library at the beginning of all your javascript files/scripts which uses $ or jQuery, so that $ can be identified in scripts .

There can be multiple other reasons for this issue:

  • Path to jQuery library you included is not correct
  • The jQuery library file is corrupted
  • Working offline
  • Conflict with Other Libraries