Hestia Flie Manager

Hi team,

was iadded file manager on hestia same as vesta FM all is done only not work whe try upload some file, any idea why got this error.

on iu found the issue look whe the file size is too big maybe need some adjust into the php .ini?

Hi @mmgnservices

I’m sorry but we do not support the filemanager from vesta.

@mmgnservices can you make a tutorial on how you added file manager?

most probably you need to increase the upload limit in nginx

client_max_body_size            4096M;

hope that fix the issue. :slight_smile:

Once again - we do not support the vesta filemanager and also there is a reason, why you can’t buy it anymore from the vesta website: http://vestacp.com/pricing/

I would suggest to not use it, I’ll going to close this thread now.

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