Hestia Global SMTP Relay

I am back to HestiaCP and i see many improvements, congrats! Would love to contribute with code if needed.

I have one fundamental problem that i need to solve before setting up.

How do you guys use SMTP Relays? I would like to make the server use AWS SES or Mailgun for each website. So if i create a website with mail and set up mailboxes, i essentially need the emails routed through AWS SES as i can’t trust my own hosting to deliver the emails.

Please send your success stories. This will be bigger server so i want to host several clients with multiple websites and proper email configuration is required as most of them won’t use Google Apps or other.

Also, how do you limit max emails per domain? I would love to implement this as a security measure to avoid spam.

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Every Mail Domain (e.g. mydomain.com, yourdomain.com, etc) has an option to use an SMTP Relay. So email from each domain can be routed through the SMTP Relay you chose. Haven’t tried that yet, but the functionality is there.

As for outgoing email limit, I haven’t seen any such option. But if you use an SMTP Relay, you might have an option there to limit outgoing emails (per domain ofc, not per mailbox).

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Great to hear that you are enjoying HestiaCP. I am with you email can be annoying. Recently I setup a new server with a different cloud provider. They block port 25 so I have been using AWS SES and its been working flawlessly. I haven’t had any of my emails go into any spam folder. With my first instance using my linode ip, it took months for google to stop sending my email to spam, with SES immediately inbox all the way.

For my use case I use the relay for individual domains. Under the mail tab when you click edit mail domain there is a checkbox to enter the relay credentials and server information. In the main server config page there is an option for global relay, I haven’t tried it but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work the same as for individual domains.

As for the rate limit per domain I believe it should be possible by editing the config files of exim, im not sure how but I’m confident you should be able to find a way on google.

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Relay support for 1 domain or whole server have been added in 1.4.0

There is a mail limit of max 200 / mail accounts

There plans to make it changeable / email account how ever time …


Thanks for the awesome replies. So, if i use a relay, do i need the DNS entries?


Yes, you will need to add the relevant(for example spf and domain keys) records that the relay(AWS SES) will provide for each domain that you verify. Amazon SES won’t let you send mail unless you verify the domain.