Hestia in Scaleway or Vultr instance?

Hi there, I’m still testing Hestia, I have yet a scaleway instance with one Wordpress in it, works very well.

For testing first install of Hestia, I create an instance @ Vultr, but I’m not sure their “droplets-like” are finally better that I get in Scaleway world.

But ; in Scaleway they do not offer the possibility to reinstall an instance with one click, in the same place. So, I preffer to take a new fresh instance = “DigitOcean-droplet-like”.

This is what they’re propose to me for a new instance, :

DEV1-M / Development / - 3 X86 64bit - 4 GB Memory / €9.99/month or €0.02/hour

I’d like to know if it seems to be a good configuration for you vs Vultr (for 4 wordpress sites) and if it could be better to choose Debian (10) Buster vs keeping Stretch (9)

Thanks for you lights

Its absolutely possible to run 4 Wordpress sites on a smaller instance if they’re not high traffic. Its a LOT easier to scale up than scale down, so my suggestion would be to start with a smaller one and grow it if you find it running out of power. So … depends on what traffic you’re expecting.

Again with OS versions, I’d usually go with the most up to date one. They generally have more modern versions of Apache, Mysql, nginx, and it will give you more time before you have to upgrade. I’m just in the middle of upgrading a bunch of servers from Ubuntu 16 to 20, as it happens. Its pretty boring, but just something you have to do every few years.

For $8.99 USD you can get in contabo this server VPS:

CPU: Six core
Ram: 16GB
Hard Drive SSD: 400GB
Up Link of 400 MB port (UNLIMITED Traffic)
DDoS protection

you can re install your OS how many times you want also they include one SnapShoot.

i recommend Hetzner Cloud.

to avoid the next post coming with a referal link or such, I am closing this topic. I also think the needed ressources don’t depend much on the involvement of hestia here rather than what really will be served from that box :wink:

no offense meant but this already goes a bit offtopic and we really want to avoid this forum to become a place of dicsussing/blaming/complaining providers or spamming aff and seo links etc.

rather check out more general hosting forums such as hostedtalk or lowendspirit to discuss the needs for your hosting ^^

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