Hestia install problems on Ubuntu 22 LTS


I have started Hestia installation before three hours on fresh Ubuntu 22 LTS installation. The last message is “it extracts templates”. The default installer is a simple nightmare with all kinds of restrictions. It has been three hours the installer is hanging. What for? This is waste of time for nothing.

This pattern has happened on seven VPS with several providers. This is a pattern on all fresh installation of Ubuntu 22 LTS!

It would have been better, if loops of apt-get to install different software binaries was designed.

Now, because of this, I will have to install everything from scratch, i.e. install Ubuntu 22 from scratch.

This is what I see since three hours on all VPS:

Adding required repositories to proceed with installation:

[ * ] NGINX
[ * ] PHP
[ * ] Apache2
[ * ] MariaDB
[ * ] Hestia Control Panel

Updating currently installed packages, please wait…
The installer is now downloading and installing all required packages.
NOTE: This process may take 10 to 15 minutes to complete, please wait…
Extrahiere Vorlagen aus Paketen: 100%

After reinstalling Ubuntu 22 LTS fresh, it has now proceeded further. Following is the error I get:


[ * ] Configuring system settings…
[ * ] Configuring Hestia Control Panel…
[ * ] Generating default self-signed SSL certificate…
[ * ] Adding SSL certificate to Hestia Control Panel…
[ * ] Enable SFTP jail…
[ * ] Create admin account…
useradd: group admin exists - if you want to add this user to that group, use -g.
Error: user creation failed
Error: can’t create admin user

This is a default Ubuntu 22.

Please check the log files that the installer creates

Hello Eris

The admin group exists in /etc/group already.
This is a fresh installlation of Ubuntu 22 LTS.
I commented the installer to not to check admin group.
Now, it does not install.

Just run it with the -f command and it works fine.

Yes it deletes the admin group. It has been designed this way for the reason I allready listed the other topic

also running apt update && apt dist-upgrade prior to the install doesnt hurt.

Yes, the group admin 117 gets deleted with the secondary switch f.

At the moment, this is the only solution for an easy and fast install.

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