Hestia Installlation failed

hi, I’m using Ubuntu 22, and already inputted the two commands:
sudo apt update
apt list --upgradable
But still failed and got the following error.
How can I solve this?

apt is already running or has failed, try to reboot the server and run apt update && apt upgrade -y and see if it works.

hi, I am a little bit confused, when I come to root, I already used the two commands of sudo apt update and apt list --upgradable.
Do you mean that I run apt update && apt upgrade -y after those two commands?

Is apt update && apt upgrade -y one command or two separate commands?

They are two separated commands executed in one line, && means, execute the second command if the first one ended ok.

Anyways, you should try to install again Hestia, your “problem” was, as @Raphael already said, that apt was already running, in your case by unattended upgrade and it should have finished long time ago.

Thanks! I still have some confusion.
I have already input two commands of sudo apt update and apt list --upgradable as soon as I come to root.
Should I input the command of apt update && apt upgrade -y as soon as the above two commands finish?

There is no need to execute the other commands, just execute :

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

But as I said, unattended upgrade should have finished so just try to install Hestia again.

Thanks a lot for your help.
If I didn’t misunderstand, I will execute three commands in total.
The first one is sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y, after that I will execute the two commands used for Hestia installation.

Yes, that’s correct

Thanks a lot, I will try to reinstall Hestia

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