Hestia is using self-signed certificate instead of Let's Encrypt

I have created a Let’s Encrypt certificate for my Hestia domain. But when I try to log in, I get an SSL error because the site is using a self-signed certificate rather than the Let’s Encrypt one.

My certificate settings in Hestia
Self-signed certificate in Safari

I have checked /home/admin/conf/my_domain.com/ssl and the Let’s Encrypt certificate is there.

How can I ensure that the Let’s Encrypt cert is used?

Check our docs: SSL Certificates and Let's Encrypt — Hestia Control Panel documentation

Thank you! Running v-add-letsencrypt-host seems to have fixed it.

@ScIT How about Hestia does this trick upon install? Almost all of us have to do this and it is not documented. If someone after the install decides that he wants a different configuration he may change it.

It’s already on the todo list, but we don’t want to just trigger it and spamming the let’s encrypt server with requests. We want to do some validation steps first and they need to be developed :slight_smile:.

I know that smile

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