Hestia Nginx Cache WordPress and FastCGI cache

I use Ngnix + PHP8.2 + MariaDb, I don’t use FastCGI cache in this case I don’t need to use the Hestia Nginx Cache plugin for Wordpress correct? Should it only be used for those who use FastCGI cache activated?

In the FastCGI cache configuration I saw that I can use days, it accepts the value 7d or 25d or in this case of more than 1d should I use it in minutes?

My website is flying on your dashboard, even in other countries, congratulations on this project, I used another project that even when tested had a problem, this project is perfect

I just miss IPv6

Thanks Maison


You can also use 1m or 1s

How ever 10m is more then enough even with high traffic


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