Hestia on Dynamic IP Server


I have installed Hestia 1.5.1 on my Raspberry Pi 3 OS Ubuntu 20.04 arm64, everything is smooth and running well.
This Raspi connected to public internet with dynamic ip, so i setup dynamic dns on dynu.com api service for the domain on this raspi server, i have installed ddclient and running well.
So, my question, is there a way to automatically change NAT ip address data on Hestia everytime my raspi change its dynamic ip address? perhap, a cron job to do this?

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No you will need to us v-update-sys-ip if it changes…

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If your raspberry is also your router you may add a line with the v-change-ip stuff otherwise a Cron should do the trick maybe the same you use to update dyndns

thanks. so i just try to use v-update-sys-ip

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