Hestia Panel SSL Expired

When I logged into the control panel today I noticed that the SSL certificate used by the control panel (“Hestia SSL” in the settings interface) section had expired and was not automatically renewed. But its corresponding domain name, which is the domain name stored in the Admin user’s web service, had its SSL certificate normally renewed a month ago. That is to say, Hestia did not update the synchronization certificate information in time. Is there any option to keep the Hestia panel in sync with a domain’s certificate so that the panel certificate doesn’t expire again? Or maybe this panel certificate expiry is an occasional error, and it should be automatically renewed under normal circumstances?

Whats your hestia version? Just run v-add-letsencrypt-host once and it will be updated.

I am using v1.5.14.
And it seems like my Hostname is not a valid domain, when I using v-add-letsencrypt-host it will return invalid domain error.
I had edited my Hostname to a valid domain and running this command, and waiting for next update period.