Hestia SMTP mail - TLS problem


Loving Hestia, such a nice project!

I have Mail server configured Exim4 and Dovecot, and the problem I am having is getting is with TLS in the Exim4 logs:
TLS error on connection (recv): The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.

When i send mail to my Gmail or Outlook, Mail is getting into SPAM folder, even if mail-tester.com score is 10/10, SPF is OK, DKIM is OK and DMARC is ok.
I have checked, I am using Cloudflare Proxy for mail and webmail domain, where I have SSL option with Letsencrypt enabled for mail server and Certificate exists and it is signed by Lets encrypt R3 and should be valid.

Google mail when received in spam even shows Lock icon with "Security: Standard Encryption (TLS)

Anyone have idea if exim4 logs causes this mail to go into Spam, and how I would solve it?

Thanks for your time.

Probably the issue is you are sending not enough email therefor not building ip reputation. Try to use a smtp delivery service with good ip reputation.

Check if the server’s IP is blacklisted, as that may be the problem.