HestiaCP 1.4 Beta

1.4 Beta version has just been build and available for download via:


Please download the package via:

wget https://apt.hestiacp.com/beta/hestia_1.4.0~beta_amd64.deb
dpkg -i hestia_1.4.0~beta_amd64.deb

If no new issues will rise we will aim the release of 1.4 in about 2 weeks.

Change log:

Also new strings have been added to Hestia CP < GlotPress. If you are able to help us to translate Hestia in your native language. We appreciate it and we could use all the help!

If you have created your own quick install apps please check GitHub - hestiacp/hestia-quick-install as 1.4 will break current quick install apps!