HestiaCP 1.8.0 Beta

We have just pushed the first Beta release for Hestia 1.8.0

  • Debian 12 support
  • Improved security with TLS 1.3 for Email, Web
  • SRS Support for Exim4 allow users to send autoreplys / forward emails with the use of STMP relay!
  • Improvement for Mobile users

To install the update follow the instructions that can be found: Beta and release candidate testing | Hestia Control Panel For Debian 11 or 10 users wanting to upgrade to Debian 12. Please with upgrading as some repos that we use haven’t been updated yet! Please help testing and report any issues you have found! For translations: Projects < GlotPress (edited)

Beta and release candidate testing | Hestia Control Panel

Open-source web server control panel.


Thank you for making Hestia available for Debian 12. I understand there are some issues that need to be worked out. But I was wondering if you have any idea of when a stable version of Hestia CP 1.8.0 will be released as I am about to get a new VPS and I would like to use Debian 12 and Hestia CP. Do you think this will happen in a week or two or will it be more like a month?

we usualy do not publish release dates, it will come when its ready and tested.

Will build Monday a new Beta release version. After that I think it should be close to a new release.

Last time I had zero issues upgrading debian 10 to 11

Thanks again for making a Debian 12 version of Hestia. One more question about Hestia 1.8.0… will the default PHP be 8.1 or 8.2. I understand I can always change it. I am simply wondering what default will be.

php default will be 8.2:

Thank you.

8.2 is a good answer - but don’t forget: Ioncube doesn’t work with 8.2, it’s not a big deal if you are aware of this issue, but it’ll bite you if you miss this fact.

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hestia supports multiple php version, you can just add 8.1 after the installation.

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I just signed up to say thank you so much for what you do. We love you!
Hello from Ukraine

Yes, Hestia makes it easy to specify 8.1 for some websites and 8.2 for others. This is important because I still have several applications that are not yet ready for 8.2. I am however very glad that Hestia is ready for 8.2. Better to be ahead of the pack than behind the pack.

I have switched it back to 8.1 in the beta installer. As 8.1 was not yet available yet… Due to delays at deb.sury.org side…

Perhaps I am missing something. But the link you provided stated that 8.2 was available. Either way is fine with me.

Changed it already back for the beta release.

It should not matter al lot …

I am using the beta 01, and from yesterday the beta2.
Not found a single problem.

Get “Error: Usage: v-change-user-ns USER NS1 NS2 [NS3] [NS4] [NS5] [NS6] [NS7] [NS8]” after change SSH Access for user admin.
P.S. Changing the PHP CLI Version call the same error

Thanks will look it up

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