HestiaCP and spam

Hello all.
Could anyone point me to some documentation on enabling some sort of spam protection for my HestiaCP managed mail domains?
I installed spamassasin and got it running on the box where HestiaCP is installed but I I have not been able to find any guides/howtos on how to “link” it with HestiaCP.

Any help, much appreciated because the SPAM we’re getting is humongous!

As it always happens with many questions…
After I had posted my question I came across a document that gave a solution to running spamassassin with exim.

My Hestia installation actually uses exim4 so I had to look for some of the config files mentioned in the page and I am running Hestia CP on an Ubuntu instance on Amazon but the configuration described in the page above, worked after I had located and chnaged the configuration files mentioned.

To summarize:
I installed spamassassin for my distro:

  1. sudo apt-get install spamassassin
  2. I enabled spamd with, systemctl enable spamd
  3. Instead of “/etc/exim/exim.conf” I edited /etc/exim4/exim4.conf.template which is what Hestia uses to auto-generate exim4s’ config file
  4. I made the spamassassin changes mentioned to the file /etc/spamassassin/local.cf
  5. I created the filters file /etc/exim4/filters with the described contents.
    After I had made the changes described in the page above, I started to see messages that Spamassassin categorizes as SPAM appearing in my dovecot’s SPAM folder, rather than the standard Inbox folder.

Good luck, if you’re following these steps for your distro.


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if you left out spamassassin during the initial installation, you still can add it afterwards by replaying what the installer would do :wink:

afaik it only adds an entry to hestia.conf, uncomments something in the exim4.conf.template and enables spamassassin in the system (line 1600+)…

glad you figured a way, but ideally you want to check on that and make hestia aware of spamassassin being there via it’s hestia.conf entry

Thanks, dude. It’s good to know the right way.
I’m a developer not a sys admin but I’m kind of stretching my skills.
Currently adding Razor and Pyzor real-time checks to spamassassin, which I believe will give our mail server additional protection from spam.

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